Thursday, June 14, 2012


There's something about early mornings in New York City that I am utterly in love with. It's hard to pinpoint what sets it apart from all the the other places I've woken up in but I'd have to go with the combination of sounds out my apartment window. To hear the birds waking up and garbage trucks at the same time, may sound weird but it makes me feel so happy, it's a feeling of being exactly where you want to be, it's being home.

It's really quite funny, as I write this my Pandora radio is on and Michael Bublé's Home came on, which always makes me think of my guy and our relationship and how we seem to always be trying to find some version of "home", which with his career as a professional athlete can make for quite the challenge but we've always managed. In about a week and a half my boyfriend will be in our home of homes in New York and I can't wait to wake up to the sounds of New York with him next to me, I'll probably be nudging him to stop snoring but that will make home even better.

What's do you love about your home, that sets it apart from every other place you've ever visited?


NTC said...

I love to hear the city wake up. When I lived in florence I loved to hear the clinging of saucers, cups and spoons as the bar below me would start to prepare cafe for the workers starting their morning early. Also the chatter over the recent soccer game would float up to my window. In the states everything is plastic or paper for to go, and most people don't know their barista, so those sounds were so unique and memorable.

Helmiina said...

I live in a really small town in Finland and sometimes it gets really annoying to live here. However, everything is so peaceful and beautiful in here :) And I like that.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm following you now too (with gfc and bloglovin)!:) You can now find me also on bloglovin, if you want you can follow me there!

xx Helmiina

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