Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Day I've Been Waiting For.

Happy Thursday Loves! It's a scorcher here in New York City for the second day in a row but I am all smiles because it has been one amazing week.

On Monday I headed to JFK Airport to pick up one of my men, my puppy Wooden, who really doesn't look like a puppy anymore, more like a pony. The process to get him was crazy, since he was flying from France to the United States there was a lot of paperwork involved. So even though Wooden landed at 4pm I didn't get him until 6:15pm! But boy was it a sight, Wooden is quite large so he actually came out in his crate on a fork lift. I saw his eyes and my heart skipped a beat, he made it! I called out his name and he lost it, he was trying to get out of the crate to see me, pure love. He was a champ and I know he is just a dog but I was so proud of him, he was in a crate for 12 hours and he didn't have an accident, he definitely was worthy of some treats.

It's great to have Wooden in New York, a moment Kyle and I have been talking about since the day we brought our pup home. I love that he can be around our families, enjoy the parks that we love so much and accompany us on our daily Starbucks runs.

Now all I need to make my time in New York complete is having both my men by my side, which by 8:00pm tonight will be a reality. Kyle is making his way to New York as I write this, a moment that I've been counting down since one of the hardest days of my life, August 14th, 2011, when we were separated for 74 days. That time apart and this year abroad has certainly been our biggest test but even though it wasn't always easy, we made it. This year together has solidified Kyle and Meg, we've created a family life, with the addition of our dog Wooden, who has brought us so much happiness, that he'll never fully be aware of.

Even though there were some struggles this year, for the most part it was amazing. I loved France and I am really hoping we are back there next year. Kyle's career skyrocketed this year which consisted of a perfect game (Not easy!), a first place standing, a trip to the French All Star Three Point Contest, the Fan Favorite Award, advancing to Pro A, winning the Championship and what I am most amazed about, shooting 52% from the Three Point Line.

Who knows what next year will bring but until then we are really looking forward to spending our summer in our Home of Homes, New York City with our family and friends, remembering to appreciate the little things and remain humble for all the things we've had the chance of experiencing at such a young age, because you must never forget, "From humble beginnings come great things."

Here's a video from Kyle's trip to the Finals, it only makes me more proud of him. Once again, congratulations Limoges CSP on a Banner Season!

CSP Champion ProB 2012 from LIMOGES CSP on Vimeo.


Jessica said...

Happy for you! Long distance is miserable!

becky said...

i can't wait until we can all be together again!! and you know what meggie... you guys have handled so much together this year, but thats just the thing, you've handled it together... i love you guys :)

Meggie said...

Thank you Jessica!!!!

Love you Beck, we will all be together so soon! <3


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