Monday, June 25, 2012

Celebration Beers.

Happy Monday Loves, hope you had a fantastically awesome, productive weekend! I had a great one, which I've been looking forward to for a long time. Now that my guy is home in New York after a year in France, it's time for us to enjoy the things we love most about our home and we got off to a great start this weekend.

On Friday night I arranged a little celebration at one of the local bars, to celebrate Kyle's homecoming and the championship title he just won. So I rounded up our family and friends to have some celebration beers with us and it sure was a good time. The support and love we've received from our friends and family is amazing, which makes being home even sweeter. Friday was a late night so we were looking forward to a more relaxing Saturday and Sunday.

The rest of our weekend consisted of walks in the park with our puppy Wooden, trips to Starbucks,  running errands and BBQs with our families. It's so great to have Kyle and Wooden home with me and I am really looking forward to a nice summer with my guys.

Here are some pictures of our night out Friday.

Kyle and I.

I love candid pictures. Kyle, my sister Lia and brother Brendan.

Pretty Girls; April, Tara, Kristy, Taryn, Kelly, and Me.

My brother and myself.

Kyle and I.

Me and Sammy girl.

Kyle's brother Ryan and Kyle

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Hello Meg !

Just enjoy !

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