Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh, the weather outside is weather...

I'm pretty excited for this holiday season because this is the first time I have my own place to decorate. I arrive back home in New York this Sunday night and plan on starting my Christmas decorating early Monday morning. My mother knows how long I've waited to do this and over the years she helped me collect ornaments and decorations, which she put away for me for when I had my own place. She recently dropped the boxes off at my apartment, so they'll be waiting for me when I get home.

I really want to make Kyle and my apartment glimmer with holiday spirit this year, because unfortunately Kyle will not be home on Christmas (You can't always get what you want.), he arrives in the States a few days after, so I really want  to make it nice for him to come home to. We will celebrate our own little Christmas when he gets back, which I am really looking forward to, just to be with family and the ones we love back home in our cozy New York apartment. The only thing that will be missing is our puppy Wooden, we felt he was to young to travel, so he's staying with his mom and dad at the breeder's house outside Limoges.

I've been so inspired by images I've seem on Pinterest and Tumblr, I plan on using these inspirations to help me decorate our place and make it a winter wonderland. Below are some of the images that put me in the Christmas spirit and warm my heart.


I am totally digging these Christmas commercials as well, check them out.

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