Friday, December 9, 2011

Definitely, Maybe.

Happy Friday Loves, I can't believe we are already arriving at another weekend. I hope you have all had a fantastic week and I wish you a great weekend, I know it's the holiday season and we are all busy running from here to there trying to make the season perfect, but please take a moment and do something for you (me time is a necessity)  or help someone in need, tis' the season you know.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me, today will be spent packing for my trip back to New York on Sunday, I can't believe I've been here in France for seven weeks and that I'll be home in Kyle's and my apartment in two days. This is a bittersweet trip for me, of course I am excited to be back in the States and with my family for Christmas and some Starbucks (Hallelujah!) but I absolutely hate the fact that Kyle will not be with me. As corny as it sounds, we've started a life together and it's hard when we aren't with each other, especially this time of year and even more so now that we have our puppy. Wooden will be staying in France with Kyle, we made an executive decision that even though it is safe for him to fly we don't want to traumatize a ten week old puppy.

Even though Kyle won't be home for Christmas we did however receive some great news yesterday. As I mentioned (here) Kyle made the 3 Point Contest for France's All Star Weekend, such an amazing accomplishment and honor, the only crappy thing is that it is on December 29th, which prevented him from coming home. But with some bad news we received some good, Kyle's coach informed him that he can come to New York from December 30th to January 6th! So even though Kyle won't be with me Christmas morning, we will be together in New York to ring in the New Year. I'm telling you honestly that this career of his never gets any easier but we have so much to be thankful for, so I will stop my complaining, I will live in the present and remember that life is good.

Last night as well as the last few days there has been the unspoken knowledge between the manfriend and myself, that we will once again be separated from each other. This unspoken knowledge happens every time one of us has to leave the other, we both know that simple words could set one off into tears. (Meaning me in tears.) We try to avoid the conversations of being away from each other, we try to ignore the fact that this makes us sad and that it just takes a simple look from one another to understand how the other is feeling. We always try to mask these feelings by going out to eat, going for walks, watching a romantic comedy, doing whatever we can to avoid the feeling of knowing that we will be away from each other.

So last night as we were doing our best attempt at ignoring the obvious and put on one of my absolute favorite movies, Definitely, Maybe. I adore this movie, I love the story line and it's also nice to stare at Ryan Reynolds for two hours, lets not kid ourselves. There is a quote in the movie, that is actually a quote from Charlotte Bronte's book, Jane Eyre. It's a beautiful quote and even though I've heard it numerous times in the movie, this morning I looked it up, fell even more in love with it and I have to share it with you.

I know at least from my own experiences, that it's sometimes a little scary to share your heart with another. We all have our own hopes, dreams and visions of the way we would like our lives to unfold. When you let someone else in on what your hopes, dreams and visions are, they are no longer locked up in your heart, you've shared your life, your secrets with another. As scary as this can be and at times your heart might get scorned, I say reveal yourself to others. Because one day you will meet that person that will take your hopes, dreams and visions and make it their job to see that you achieve them. When you find that person, your heart will literally be set free and from there you will be able to do extraordinary things.


The human heart has hidden treasures, in secret kept, in silence sealed. The thought, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures, whose charms were broken if revealed.
-Charlotte Bronte


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