Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday's Thoughts.

Hey there beauties, Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and is ready to conquer the new week ahead, go out there this week and conquer a goal or two. I had a nice birthday weekend, relatively low key. I have to say I was overwhelmed by the love I was shown through, emails, texts, Facebook posts and Skype sessions from friends and family. I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by people that love and care about me so much. It especially helped yesterday, I have been dealing with a serious case of homesickness, and all your words warmed my heart.

For my birthday the manfriend made me breakfast and we enjoyed a bottle of champagne, later in the evening we went out  to this amazing French restaurant in the city for dinner, where I enjoyed one of Limoges' finest filets. I definitely didn't make the day easy on my guy, I was so homesick, and nothing he could do or say could get me to snap out of it. I am very appreciative to the love he shows me day in and day out, and I know that being overseas and away from family and friends isn't easy on him either. We balance each other out in that sense, when I'm having a rough day he's there to cheer me up and vice versa.

I know I am extremely lucky to be experiencing all I have, living in different countries, traveling to different cities and taking in the sights and culture. This is something amazing, but there are those times when you miss the familiarity of home, getting up and just going to your neighborhood Starbucks, and getting your morning paper, which is in English, rather then catching up on the world through the computer and Facebook. It's the little things that you miss and I hope that one day Kyle and I can be settled somewhere back home, living our simple life, getting to enjoy those little things we miss everyday we are away from home.

Until then it's so important to try and live in the present moment, who knows what tomorrow will bring us, but I do know one thing is for sure, no matter how homesick I get, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world, because my love is here. I battle myself a lot, on what I should be doing with my life, should I be here in France, should I be home in New York working and I put a lot of pressure on myself that I'm not doing enough, and it gets hard  but I do know this is only going to be a small blip in our lives, this time overseas and I would seem like a fool to most if I passed up on this opportunity to see the world.

So I've realized that everyday isn't going to be perfect but as long as I can wake up next to the man that loves me with all his heart, that's something I could never give up on, and that's something that makes me happy. Sure do I wish more often then not that we were in New York in our apartment living a life there but right now this is our situation and life is about learning how to handle each situation thrown at you and turning it into something positive. That something positive for me is that I am learning more and more about myself each day, I am learning that I am strong, that I just didn't throw in the towel and say, see you in June Kyle, I'm going back to New York, I've challenged myself and it's not easy but I'm trying to take notes from all the quotes I post on living life and being positive and acting on it. I'm taking a cue from my role model, Bethenny Frankel and learning to come from a Place of YES! Because we do only get one shot at this, and I want to know I was challenged, that I worked hard and tested.

I'm leaving you with a quote from Bethenny Frankel. The quote is from her book, A Place of Yes. I love this lady, I love her drive and passion and through her words I've learned a lot about myself.


If you don't try, if you don't go through that experience, how will you ever know it wasn't right? Better to try and learn and then move on to the next thing than to live a static life of regret and the haunting "what if?" in your head.
-Bethenny Frankel

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jmac713 said...

It may be slightly easier on Kyle because he's working. There's some routine for him and place to go to. I think once you enroll in your language class and have more of a routine yourself it might be easier on you. Is there a running group that you can join?

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