Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Summer Love.

Now that we have fallen into Fall, I thought I'd dive back into Summer for a second and share with you my favorite moments of my favorite season. I have to say that this was a stellar summer and one that I will never forget.


Enjoying the view in Aruba.
Kyle giving me an engagement ring in Central Park.
Enjoying a brew at the Frying Pan in Manhattan 
Lobster in Maine.
My cousin Jamie, my sister Becky and I in Aruba.
Sammy and I. 
Lyndsay and I having a moment at my nephew's Birthday Party.
Dinner at the Standard in Manhattan.
Wooden enjoying his time in New York.
Kyle and I in Aruba.
My city. 
Kyle about to enjoy some meatballs at the Meatball Shop.
My sister Becky and I at Marginal Way in Maine.
Kyle and I at Le Club in Long Branch for a Birthday Getaway. 
My siblings, Kyle and I. 
My nephews and brother enjoying the surf in Maine.
My cousins and I celebrating my Nana's 85th Birthday. 
My nephew Ben and I enjoying a local fair in Maine. 
My cousins and I enjoying a beach day. 
My sisters and I outside the Standard in NYC.
Kyle and I at the Frying Pan in Manhattan.
Lyndsay and I taking in the sun.
Celebrating Kyle's Birthday at the Bungalow. 
Kyle and I celebrating his Championship win. 
Family time at the bar. 
Kyle and I at the Beach Boys concert. 
Kyle and I having fun in the sand in Aruba.

What were your favorite summer memories?


Anonymous said...

Not ready for summer to leave! Luckily it still feels like summer here in Los Angeles (and then we're sneaking off to Mexico in October - cannot wait!!).

Patty said...

I haven't had enough moments!! Yours look so fun and happy!!!

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