Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Favorites.

Happy Friday Loves, this week sure did go fast and life is getting pretty normal here in France. All of our moving boxes arrived,  there were tears shed over some items that didn't travel so well but all in all it was successful. It's nice to have some of our home in New York here with us in France. Next week I'll be showing you how we've made our apartment here a home, where we can live comfortably for the next eight months. Until then here are a few things that made me smile this week.

Have a great weekend! Bonne fin de semaine! (I start my French lessons this Tuesday, wahoo.)

Without a Starbucks here in Limoges I've become very creative when I am lusting for my usual Caramel Macchiato. 
Finally had the time to finish our wedding website. Every time I see that picture of Wooden my heart melts. 
Enjoy a rainy morning with a cup of coffee, while admiring my new manicure. (Nail Polish:  Thakoon for NARS Pink: Anardana and Essie Sparkle: Set in Stones)
Our sweet baker from across the street saw Kyle and I walking Wooden and came out to give us a complimentary loaf of brioche bread. Such a kind gesture.
Catching up on New York Fashion Week by reading WWD and enjoying my morning coffee of course. 
Now that I look back on these Friday Favorites, I definitely see a theme...COFFEE! Coffee is definitely something I can't live without, it makes me so darn happy.

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Anonymous said...

Yes to coffee! I am so blown away by kind gestures like people bringing bread. And congrats on getting the wedding website up :) On my "to-do" list!

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