Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Beauties! Hope your week went well and that you are ready to enjoy this first weekend in March. I leave for United States tomorrow, so the next time you will hear from me will be Monday, writing from my apartment in New York City. Now here are a few of my favorite things from this past week.


Wooden does this every morning, he comes into the living room with the blankets from his crate. I love this dog, he brings me so much happiness and I'm going to miss him the next two weeks. He will making his US debut May 17th, which I am really excited about. 
Looking back on last year's St. Patty's Day Parade pictures which gets me excited for this  year's parade. 
Now that it's March, it is almost time for March Madness! I love college basketball , a huge Notre Dame fan and I know both the Men and Women's team will go far in the tournament this year. 
The Draw Something App is hilarious, I have to give props to Kyle, my sister Becky and my cousin Sammy, who are way better artists then myself.  Download this and enjoy a good laugh. 
My new addiction! I love writing my blog posts and listening to some sweet jams. I know I'm late on this discovery but it's better late then never.
Kyle and I enjoyed a yummy meal at Les Artistes on Thursday night. Delicious mojito,  some marvelous canard aka duck and a wonderful salmon dish. 
This is the go to dessert at Les Artistes, the Cafe Garamond. It's basically a sampler with a espresso.

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