Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Proposal worth a Million Bucks.

After last week which was full of fun and  tons running around I was looking forward to getting back to my normal routine, which consists of blogging, coffee drinking, running and teaching yoga. Kyle however, insisted that on Monday morning we head into Manhattan for the day. Now I would never pass up a trip to my favorite place in the world but to be honest I was tired.

Early Monday morning Kyle woke up and went into our living room, usually our pup wakes us up at the crack of dawn but Kyle was even up before him. Ten minutes later he came back into our bedroom and told me he was running out to get us a Starbucks. I wasn't moving, it was 6:15am, the first time I got to sleep in in a while, he'd be going to Starbucks by himself this time. He left the apartment and now I was up! So much for a lazy morning, I headed into the living room with my pup by my side and turned on the morning news. About fifteen minutes later Kyle arrived back at our apartment and didn't even look at me, he just hurried into the kitchen. What gives? First he wakes me up early and now he's depriving me of my much needed Starbucks, haha.

Kyle emerged from the kitchen with two Starbucks in hand but he was acting a little fidgety, something was up. He sat on the couch next to me and began stuttering, something that I've never seen before, I was now scared, what the heck was going on? Then the words came out and my chest tightened, this has to be a dream, I must still be sleeping! Kyle said, "Remember when I told you I was meeting James (his friend) for lunch last week?" I said, "yea." I was very suspect of what was to follow, I honestly thought Kyle was going to tell me he was cheating on me, well that's not quite what came out of his mouth. He followed by saying,"Well, I didn't meet him for lunch, I actually was at David Yurman picking out a ring." He said it so calmly, like it's something you do everyday, I almost passed out. He preceded to tell me, "That's why we are going into Manhattan today, I picked out some rings and I want you to pick one out because I love you so much and I want to marry you." At this point I was most likely hyper ventilating.

Then it was the moment every girl dreams of, Kyle got on his knee and handed me my Starbucks Caramel Macchiato but written on the cup where my name usually was were the words, WILL YOU MARRY ME? I was crying by this point and said, YES! I think I said yes about a thousand times, and because I sometimes have a potty mouth, I am pretty sure I cursed once or twice in disbelief. It was the greatest moment of my life, being in our apartment, with Kyle, our dog by our side and a coffee in hand, we were now engaged!
The infamous Starbucks Cup. <3

We then headed into Manhattan and it was so magical. When we arrived at David Yurman they directed us to the Bridal floor and a lovely woman named Natalie was there waiting for us. She brought out the rings that Kyle picked out and at that moment I felt like I was in heaven, I couldn't believe this was happening, it was so amazing. I tried on the rings but I knew the minute I put on a particular one that that was it, it's never coming off. Well I did take it off for Natalie to wrap it up in a signature David Yurman box because Kyle wanted to take me Central Park to actually propose to me with a ring.

After leaving David Yurman, we walked over to the Central Park Duck Pond, where we found a quiet spot and Kyle again got down on his knee. This is when I lost it, I was crying the happiest tears to ever come out of my eyes. We earned this moment, we've been through so much together, we deserved it and at that moment I didn't care that I felt selfish, I was never going to let this guy go and by him giving me a ring he was saying the same thing. We walked hand in hand out of Central Park and I couldn't stop staring at my hand, I've never seen something so beautiful and sparkly. I realized at that very moment that we started a new chapter of our lives and this might be the best one yet.

Couldn't wait to get it on my finger after trying it on. 

After the proposal at the Central Park Duck Pond.

My dream ring. 



NTC said...


Jessica said...

GREAT proposal!! Congratulations!

Trish said...

Yes, I just cried!! So happy for you two! This is absolutely precious!

Amy said...

WAOUAH !! CONGRATS to both of you !

This ring is amazing !
Enjoy these great and precious moments of hapiness ! You deserve it so much !

Best wishes !
.....can't wait to see you wedding dress......!


Nikki Fein said...

Congrats!!! Enjoy this time, it is the best.

frikken DUCKIE said...

Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you!

Your story literally almost had me in tears and definitely gave me goosebumps!

Cheers to your new chapter in life!

♥ Duckie.

info korners said...

Congratulations both of you May God Bless both pf them
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Meggie said...

Thank you all so much for your well wishes! Kyle and I are so excited!!


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