Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Season's Greetings.

Ever since we got our golden retriever Wooden,  I have been obsessed with taking pictures of him. He makes it very easy because a. he is so stinking cute and b. he is very cooperative. Wood loves being the center of attention, what a ham!

With each Holiday I have the habit of sending family members cards with Wooden sporting some sort of costume. Kyle always rolls his eyes and says, "Poor pup!" Especially after the costume I put on Wooden this past Halloween. I figured we should show everyone how much we love France, so I dressed him up as a Frenchy. I will admit, even though Wooden posed for me, he didn't look to happy.

So for our Christmas card this year, I decided to go a little more low key. A simple Christmas bow would have to do, both Wooden and Kyle seemed happy with the choice. But after snapping a few shots, something was indeed missing! Thank goodness I brought back some props from the United States, a nice pair a reindeer antlers for Wooden to rock.

I placed the antlers on his head and he just looked up at me. I laughed because he looked so miserable that it was actually cute. I only took a few photos before he took the antlers off himself. Thank you Wooden for being such a good sport, it is much appreciated! And a warning to my unborn children, wait until I get to dress you up!

Such a nobel shot. The winning shot for our Christmas Card.

HAHA, he reminds me of Max from The Grinch here.
He looks so happy here, don't you think?
Wooden in his Halloween Costume.
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