Monday, October 8, 2012

T-Shirt Shop.

As a student of fashion, I've always has a tiny dream to sell something that I've created. Now I am a realist and I know I am never going to be Karl Lagerfeld or Ralph Lauren, I simply don't have that kind of talent, not even 1% of that talent. So I decided to start small and what better way then T-shirts! Especially having a blog with the word "Tees" in it, it was only natural.

Jeans and Tees and Travel and Cakes teamed up with Skreened a cool online T-shirt company and officially has it's own little T-shirt shop. This shop is inspired by the phrase,  "Live a little, be a risk taker, eat some cake." A phrase that I came up with in high school and delivered in my closing speech as school president, you can see I've always been a corny nerd. This T-shirt shop has Jeans and Tees and Travel and Cakes written all over it, in the literal sense where we actually sell logo tees and in the figurative sense, all the shirts are a little corny just like this blog.

There are a wide variety of T-shirts in the shop, for women, men, kids and baby, along with some cool tote bags. We have classic logo tees, humor, sports and college geared tees. All the items on the site are American Apparel based, I feel that it's important as an American to support American made products, so I'm proud to say all the tees and totes from the shop are made in the USA! New tees are up on the site weekly and if you have a special request, we can always make to order.

Check it out, by clicking the box below! I want to thank you ahead of time for taking the time to visit the shop and we would love your feedback.

Here are our current top sellers from the shop, it's good to know what people love in this world.

Classic Logo Tee 

Coffee, Cupcakes, Wine Tee

Dream Team Tee

Future Hipster Onesie

Namaste Tote

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